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Every person visiting Stratford Golf Club must registor and pre book under Covid Alert Level 2 Rules. Tee Bookings MUST be made before play

Level 2 Playing Conditions Stratford Golf Club

Below is a general guidance for level 2 - Further details to come

General Guidance

1. The golf course, changing room will be open at Alert Level 2. 

2. All staff, players, visitors must register with the government contact tracing app if visiting the premises

3. All staff, players, visitors must adhere to general government advice; particularly all recommended hygiene measures.

4. Physical distancing (2 metres encouraged) between all staff, players and visitors should be maintained. Distancing should be maintained on the golf course and throughout all club facilities.

General Golf Playing Guidance

1. All players should wash and dry their hands before and after play.

2. Groups of golfers should maintain a minimum distance of 2 metres between themselves and other groups on the course.

3. Club events and competitions can be held so long as there is strict adherence to hygiene, distancing and gatherings regulations.

4. The national handicap system will be operational, physical scorecards should be avoided if possible. If scorecards are used, exchanging of cards should not occur.

5. Pins / flagsticks will be on the course however they should be left in the hole and should not be touched or removed by any player.

6. Bunker rakes can be on the course however a local rule will be provided by New Zealand Golf for bunker play should clubs not want to have bunker rakes on the course.

7. On course fountains and toilets should not be used

8. Any shared club equipment must be cleaned and sterilised after each use.

To abide by these guidelines STRATFORD GOLF CLUB has adopted the followings rules and procedures



​In keeping with the requirements to stay safe and maintain good Health & Safety practices, the following local rules need to be adhered to.

  1. A maximum of 4 players per playing group.

  2. Only One group of players on a tee at any one time.

  3. Maintain social distancing on the course as far as practicable.

  4. Patience is a virtue. It will be needed in these times. Wait for others to clear tees, greens etc.

  5. Slow play will become the norm. Allow it .

  6. Mark your own card. You can also keep your partners score on your card, as a check.

  7. Sanitise your hands and touch screen before and after using card printing facilites

  8. Scorecards need only be signed by the player keeping the card.

  9. Do not share clubs or other equipment. 

  10. On course, do not remove the pin from hole. 

  11. Tee Bookings MUST be made before play


The following conditions will apply and anyone not following the rules will be asked to leave or reported to the police. 

Winter Open -20th May