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Stratford Mens Results

The semi final of top dog was played on Saturday 7th, with M. Cook & C. Millar winners over G. Kite & M. Taylor and J. Erwood & C. Drummond sneaking in as winners over N. Aldridge & D. Robertson.

The under dog semi finalists are B. Gibbons & P. Shearer, T. Johnson & A Best, D. Bates & R. Kilpatrick and B. Gibson & T. Cooksley.

Winner of the stableford comp was B. Daysh on 45 points followed by C. Merson with 40 and R. Brider on 39.

This Saturday is the Top Dog Final, Under Dog semi finals and a medal comp for all other players.

Draw for Sat. 14th

10.45 Gibbons – Shearer v Johnson – Best

10.55 Bates – Kilpatrick v Gibson – Cooksley

12.00 Cook – Millar v Erwood – Drummond

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