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Macka Summer Cup Winner

Winner of the Summer Cup is President Macca with an amazing Nett 65 and Nett 60 to win by 10 shots. Such an unlikely and unexpected victory has raised suspicions that the competition was rigged, especially given President Macca’s suspected collusion with Russian operative, Dinski Dynamo aka “The Swing Doctor” who may have played a role in preventing the President’s usual shanks and wild slices. Asked if there was any truth to this, President Macca screamed “Fake News.” President Macca was also heard to say “I‘m gonna make Stratford Golf Club great again. I’ve got all the shots. I’ve got the best shots. You have to think anyway, so why not think big?” Then he ran off with the trophy in his tiny hands and went to bed early to watch Fox News and gather intelligence in order to plot his campaign to win the Rutherford Memorial Trophy - combined Stableford over the next two weeks.

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