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2nd Round of Matchplay Champs

The weather decided to cut us some slack on Saturday so we were able to complete the 2nd round of matchplay and it was pleasing to see that there were no defaults or walk overs.

This Saturday is the Winter Open and so far we have a good field, sadly the ladies numbers have dwindled to just 8 so any of you Stratford Ladies that haven't entered that can play you still have time and same to any guys who have forgotten as I am taking late entries so call or txt me on 021936082 or email

Winner of the haggle on Saturday was Chris Merson followed by Murray Cook and Tony Cawley.

The following are the winners from the second round of Matchplay;

Snrs Terry Johnson defeated Jamie Anderson , Intermediates Kalib Kolevski def Michael Death, Brad Gibbons def Shane Ngatai, Harrison Downs def Leon Egar, Grant Kite def Nigel Jeffrey, Juniors Tom Feguson def Adonis Rancho, Graham Bishop def Terrance Sayers, Jono Erwood def Chris Drummond,

Roy Wills Comp Lloyd Bell def Roger Kilpatrick, Dave Banham def Olly Campbell, Kyle Bates def Simon Butters, Graham Kelly def Derek Trigg.

The Matchplay is now down to the semifinal stages and resumes on the 29th of May with the finals set down for June the 12th.

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