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Here's and update from the golf on Saturday ...... IT PISSED DOWN !! so no golf.

This Saturday we will have another crack at completing the 2nd round of Captains Trophy, weather does still look pretty dodgy so fingers crossed.

Aug 20th sees after a 2 year hiatus because of that rat bastard Covid the return of the Egmont Champs, this is a big comp and attracts a lot of entries with Taranaki Golf using it as a trial over 27 holes for selecting their rep teams.

Now I know our club members like to procrastinate a fair bit when it comes to entering comps but I actually have a real job and comps also to organize leading up to this day so please start booking your tee times now as I have a caterer coming in and they need numbers in advance so I'd prefer not to be taking entries 48 hours out.

That's my wee grumble out of the way so lets hope the weather picks up a bit and see you all on the course soon


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