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Last Chance Ham Hamper

Saturday saw the curtain come down on the 2021 season with the "LAST CHANCE HAM" hamper being played as our final tournament of the year.

Thanks to all that entered with the top 15 winning the money this week, Club prize giving was also done so congratulations to all the trophy winners and a certificate was presented to Greg Anderson for his 25 years of service, due to another engagement Jordan his son accepted it on Greg's behalf.

Big thanks to Terry for cooking the BBQ and for those that never collected there meats packs thanks a bunch as they tasted bloody good.

Lastly on behalf of Brad and myself we want to thank you all for your attendance and the fact we never had to make a ruling all year spoke volumes for the manner in which everyone conducted themselves.

Special thanks to MB for always covering our butts if one was late or unavailable and to Tarn for her voluntary work behind the bar.

So Merry Christmas to you all and look forward to getting back into in Opening Day January 15th.

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