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Mens Stroke Play Championships

First off congrats to Brian Daysh for winning the Easter Medal on Saturday, he messaged me personally to say how stoked he was, runner up was TC followed by Leon, Jono and Lloyd Bell.

This weekend we kick off with one of our two premier events, this being the Stroke Play Championship followed closely by the Match Play Championship, just to give all the men some clarity of the comp set up stroke play will be held over 3 rounds with all 3 rounds counting and the very best 3 round gross tally will be awarded the Armstrong Cup, in the event of a tie a count back on the final round will be used to find a winner in all divisions. The Yardley Cup will be the 2 best round total nett which allows the dropping of the worst round if you play all three, count back will also be used of the final counting round played in the event of a tie

The three men's divisions will be as follows for stroke play; Seniors 0-10.3 Intermediates 10.4-17.0 Juniors 17.1- 100, only change for match play will be the junior section which will be set from 17.1-24 with 24.1 plus playing in the Roy Wills Comp.

Last round of stroke play will be used for seeding purposes for the match play champs, if the fields are not full then players who were unavailable to qualify can then enter and come into the draw but that will be done on 1st in 1st served basis, their place in the draw will be decided by their handicap index ie; if 4 more spots are to filled lowest index will occupy 13th spot and so on.

When match play looms closer I will come back to you with rules around players unable to play matches the following week as its untenable the situation we had last year, so I'm going to fix it

Hopefully that's clear as mud but if any of you need more clarity don't hesitate to ask me ....... ohhh and best you bring an umbrella Saturday as unless the course is unplayable we will be playing .... good luck everybody

Captain Cook CC

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