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Stroke Play Champs Update

After the wash out this week the first round of stroke play champs were able to be got under way, the afternoon conditions proved to be very pleasant but scoring difficult with the damp conditions under foot.

Leaders in the 3 divisions are as follows, Seniors Jordan Anderson 73, T Cawley 81, Jamie Anderson 90, T Johnson 93, Intermediates G Kite 82, G Otterson 84, B Gibbons 87, V Jones 87, W Dymond 91, S Ngatai 94, M Cook 97, A Moore 107 and Juniors L Duvenhage 88, C Drummond 89 and D Chadwick 90, T Ferguson 91, C Merson 93, H Morton 94, S Jury 94, M Taylo 95, M McDonald 95, B Knowles 95, D Howells 97, W Cleland 98, R Kilpatrick 100, G bishop 100, T Cooksley 104, J Erwood 107, O Campbell 108, S Butters 109, D Bates 111, K Bates 116.

Winners in the Nett Haggle Blue Tees G Otterson, G Kite, B Gibbons, N Jeffrey

White Tees D Chadwick, L Duvenhage, C Drummond, D Howells, B Knowles, C Merson, T Ferguson, R Kilpatrick, so for those there not for prize giving your meat pack is tagged and in the freezer

Twos, T Johnson

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