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Top Dog Qualifying

Well today is the day we find out a little more about what Jacinda has planned for us in the near future and if I was a betting man picking it wont be great news for us golfers for at least another week.

Whilst it would be great to get even to level 3 which will allow some form of golf to be played within your bubble we do need a minimum of level 2 to be able to resume our golf program.

The good news is as dumb luck would have it I have built in some wriggle room that wont see to much effect on the program if we can't get Top Dog off the ground till September 11th but fingers crossed we can crack on September 4th with qualifying.

I will keep you informed as best as I can moving forward so fingers crossed for level 3 as of midnight but don't hold your breath, if you have any questions call or txt me on 021936082.

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