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Wairekei Results

27 golfers made there way to the Wairekei International Golf Course and be fair to say the golf course spanked a fair few of our bottoms but only one can be the winner and as you will see from the score sheet Shane Jury hung tough and won convincingly in the end as all around him players capitulated as the course spat them all out one by one like a salty olive.

Well done to Shane for a solid performance, a special mention to Kalib who ripped the course up the first day with a nett 64 with a 76 off the stick but alas he too saw what the course can do to you if you are slightly off point.

This weekend is the second round of the Rutherford Memorial with everybody chasing Gonzo for the win, he cant run very fast so think most will catch him, be aware though that the course greens have just been cored and dethatched this week so rub of the green may work both ways, as we have had a lot of machinery on the course this week Saturday we will have placing through the green which basically means placing anywhere on the course except hazards. Txt me your entry if you haven't done so yet but walk ups on the day are fine as well.

Next weekend the 26th of March we will have the postponed shootout from February and a haggle for those that choose not to enter.

A few of you clever cookies will have noticed I have cocked up the men's draw and forgot to check which actual week Easter actually was so my apologies for that so hopefully the following change of dates suits as this is the way it is;

2nd April 1st Round of stroke play

9th April 2nd Round of stroke play

16th April Easter Medal round ( to be confirmed)

23rd April ANZAC Haggle

30th April 3rd Round of stroke play and seeding for matchplay

Lastly the FEDEX Cup point standings are up in the clubrooms after 3 rounds, every time there is a club trophy played for the top 20 in the field score points so plenty of comps to go to work your way up to the top 16, Brad and I working on exactly how the final will look so your job is to keep scoring points by turning up.


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