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Very well done to Team HOPE for putting on a fantastic charity ambrose event last Saturday. The day went well and all players enjoyed themselves. Congratulations to the winners of the golf and in the auctions. This is a tournament that is a must in your next years programme.

Next week (16th November) the Champion of Champions tournament is held in Stratford. 36 holes, so tees in morning and afternoon will be taken up by those players. Stratford players can play at Eltham FOC. Make your own start times and travel arrangements. Red Tee Day is now moved to the 23rd of November.

Open Hamper event entries are available on the website or by list on notice board. DON'T leave it to the last minute please.

We want to know who is keen on the handicap pennants team for early 2020. We were successful last year and want to continue our run. Entries on notice board or ring Graham 021 172 2101 or Brent Neil 027 442 3304.

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