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The Stratford Gold Club welcomes new members and offers a variety of Membership and payment options to suit your requirements.​

Advantages of being a member

  • Playing rights on days as defined by your membership category.

  • Information on tournments around Taranaki.

  • Each member is able to maintain an official golf handicap  (a levy to NZ Golf is incorporated into your membership cost for administration of this service).

  • The ability to participate in club days (depending on your membership category).  We offer a variety of competitions throughout the year which ensures that there are always other people to play with.

  • Cheaper (affiliated) green fee rates all over the country.

  • The opportunity to make contacts with a variety of club members, great for personal and business networking.  

  • Perhaps the biggest advantage of all is you can escape the hustle and bustle of work and enjoy regular exercise and fresh air while having fun playing golf on a scenic parklike course and the grass is mown for you every day.

Egmont Champs 11th May

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