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Top Dog Draw 30th April

The first round of top/under dog was played on Saturday 23rd April. The revised handicap match play format was popular with the players, and there was no results that could be classed as upsets.

The next round is on Saturday 30th and if any matches can not be played that day, they must be played by Friday May 6.

Draw for next round.

10.30 Cawley – Meeham v Kite – Taylor

10.38 Cook - Millar v Dymond – Daysh

10.46 Erwood – Drummond v Morton – Banham

10.54 Downs – Downs v Aldridge – Robertson

11.04 Walsh – Walsh v Christie – Christie

There are several byes in the under dog, so there will be a medal round for any player not in the above draw.

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