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Club Update

Club Update

I hope every one is holding up well and will be itching to get back on the golf course once we are released from lock down. You can be assured that your committee is working hard behind the scenes to ensure that when this does happen we have clear guidelines on what we will be allowed in terms of returning to golf.

' as we become aware how a return to playing golf will look like we will communicate to all members, but please keep up the good work and stay off the course till notified.'

On a good note you will have seen the news where our Greenkeeper has been allowed to return to work in isolation to maintain the essentials of the course. While these are tough and uncertain  times  we are working hard to manage outcomes to insure we are a viable club in the future. One outcome has meant that Greg has taken on reduced hours which we appreciate highly.  Thanks also to Barry Knowles for keeping an eye over the fence in Greg's absence. 

Keep Safe and hopefully see you all very soon


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