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Graham Cup

Over the last 3 weeks the Graham Cup was completed which was a 2 man Ambrose best Nett comp with top 2 rounds counting out of 3, once again its Congrats to Jordan Anderson and Grant Kite who won the chocolates off Mike Brown and Terrance Sayers who had the 2 round lead, thumbs up to the green keeper as they are still rolling great 👍

Saturday scores and overall results are attached .

Next week is a Stableford Haggle to warm up for the Speding/Ennis Cup the two weeks following and the final FedEx points are also up for grabs so get amongst it as top 16 get through

Will do a draw for the Spedding/Ennis Cups with Speding being best two weeks nett and Ennis best two Stableford, all players only eligible to win one or other.

PS kitey had to go to work so didn’t make the pic but added one

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