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Stroke Play Champions

This year's 3rd and final round of Stroke Play took place Saturday with near perfect conditions, a couple of the winners came as no shock but the battle in the Juniors was quite intense and if for not the odd double-digit hole score the winner could well have been different.

The 3 round scores are attached but congratulations to our winners Jordan Anderson in the Seniors, Mark Burling in the Intermediates and Matthew McDonald in the Juniors.

This weekend being "ANZAC" there will be a Stableford haggle so no official draw just turn up and play with your mates or we will help put you in a four.

A lot of you have already entered the Match Play via txt which kicks off the weekend following ANZAC, if you wish to play call me or email me as there is no qualifying round and seeding is all done off index, this is a change from previous years to make it more accessible to all our full members, cut off for entries is by Sunday so we can get the draws organized by mid-week so you all know who you are playing so no entry by Sunday means you are out as we only want to do the draw once.

If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask, contact details 021936082 or


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