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Stroke Play Weather Rules

First off I forgot to mention for Stroke and Match Play Championships seniors and intermediates will be off the blue tees and juniors will be off the white tees.

Divisions are frozen during Stroke play champs, where your handicap sits on final stroke play round will set which match play division you are eligible for. Don't panic if you drop from juniors to intermediates as i will redo your card to blue tee for seeding purposes so complete last round off the white tees.

Its looking like the weather maybe a bit damp Saturday, so that we are all sing off the same song sheet this is how its going to play out in the event of rain;

1 If no one tees off before 11.30 am due to course unplayable round will be cancelled

2 If play gets underway and course becomes unplayable play can be halted for 1 hour and if still unplayable round will be cancelled if less than half the field have not completed 9 holes.

3 If more than half the field has completed 9 holes and course becomes unplayable, the following week your round will restart on the next hole after the last completed hole you played, after finishing 1st round then continue with your 2nd round.

Hopefully that all makes sense but once again chat to myself or Brad if you need further clarity.

Captain Cook CC

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