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After a couple of weeks of atrocious weather golf was back on the menu Saturday with Top Dog matchplay kicking into gear, we have now found our top 16 for Top Dog pairs and the draw is completed for the Under Dog matchplay which kicks off this Saturday.

Be fair to say no real upsets in the first round but the nature of Top Dog says all pairings are pretty tough to beat on their day and Under Dog will be no exception.

Remember to speak to your opponents to organize your tee times and this week there will only be 15cm placing on your own fairway but fair to say the weather once again looking very average for the weekend so will confirm on the day.

Lastly a big shout out to Brad and his crew for what ended up being a fun quiz evening on Friday night with some great support from outside the club which was a good thing as you may have heard crickets if the night was relying on member turn out. Remember people we run these events to try and keep subs affordable and be able to buy you nice things but if you cant be bothered fronting it does leave us scratching our heads as a committee as to what you the member actually want or expect as I'm sure ramping up subs be way easier for us.


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