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There has been a change of plan as to how Top Dog will operate this year after seeing how big the field was for Graham Cup.

Instead of having a qualifying round where only the top 16 pairs made it into the main round, this year the 1st 32 teams that enter will automatically qualify. The first round matches will be drawn at the conclusion of Egmont Champs prizegiving which is the week prior to the 1st round of matchplay on the 27th August.

Its important you register your team before the 20th of August and are in the 1st 32 entries, losing 1st round teams will go into Under Dog which will have both fields then even with 16 pairs in each the following week.

So even if you think you have told me your entry please confirm with me as I can forget things and I would hate to see a team miss out, this promises to be a massive field so get those entries in ASAP and don't be the 33rd entry as it wont end well for you.

PS don't forget to get your entry in for Egmont Champs this week

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