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Weekend Update - 15th February

  • Another successful summer event has passed with plenty more to come. Check your programme or website.

  • Congratulations to Graham Kelly for winning the Summer Shootout 2020. Good scoring around by the 19 entrants and all had a fun and hot day. A further sponsored shootout will be held in December.

  • For those in the weekly haggle great scores with Dave Banham (46 points) and Michael Coe (43 points) showing the way.

  • SUMMER GOLF!! The course is in good knick with good greens. Keep it up Greg. PLEASE KEEP CARTS OFF THE TEES!!!

  • Thanks to all our loyal and caring volunteers who keep our club going. Your efforts are totally appreciated.

  • This Saturday the 22nd of February is the Lion's Charity event. Mass start 11am. Get your 3 person team in for what promises to be a great day and worthy cause.

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