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Weekend Update 29th February

  • Good field for a weekly haggle. Some great scores and plenty to boast about.

  • Well done to the men's handicap pennants team for a good 6.5-2.5 win. Back in the hunt for another year. Next round is held at Stratford on the 15th of March. Support would be nice to see.

  • Anniversary weekend coming up. Normal weekly stableford haggle. The rest of the weekend is free time.

  • Don't forget the Taranaki Masters Games, 13th and 14th of March. This needs to be supported by the club. Also the 14th will be 1st round of Rutherford Memorial Stableford event over 2 rounds.

  • The new handicap system will come into effect from 1st April 2020. Please get into the habit of checking your handicap before each round. Also ensure any round you play (whether 18 or 9 holes) is entered into the Dot Golf sytem after each round, as Big Brother is watching!!


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