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Rutherford Memorial Decided

It was shark soup for first round leader Clay Miller with Kelvin Mahon staying cool as a fridge for a come from behind win in the Rutherford Memorial (2 rounds of stableford). After a 1st round of 37 points, Kelvin secured the win with a respectable 44 points for a total of 81.Murray Cook finished 2nd with a total of 80 points.

Haggle for the day was won by V. Jones with a sizzling 47 points followed by T. Cooksley on 45, L. Bell and K. Mahon on 44.

The pennant team took on Pungarehu on their own course to lose 5-1. Only winner for the day was M. McDonald. Players are heading for Wairakei this weekend, and those staying home will be playing for the Wairakei Trophy.

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