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TET Taranaki Master Games Golf Results

TET Taranaki Masters Games returned to the Stratford Golf Club over the 18th and 19th of March. With players able to choose between playing one of the two days, nine or eighteen holes. Which saw a large feild vying for medal contention. Good fun was had by all and with plently of stories of near misses for potential medal placings. Best score of the tournament came from W Dymond, who after havng a run of bad form managed a blistering 49 stableford points for the 0-17 section.

Special Thanks goes to Chris for organising and Central Tyres as major sponser of the prizes. Although there were no prizes for twos on the day S Ngatai gets a mention for Twos on the 8th and the 15th.

Results were:-

Mens 0-17

1st W Dymond 49, 2nd C Meredith 41, 3rd T Johnson 40

Mens 18-21

1st M Cook 47, 2nd M Willis 46, 3rd V Lim 43

Mens 22-36

1st C Drummond 42, 2nd D Daysh 41,3rd M McDonald 41

Ladies Div 1

1st A Braithwaite 39, 2nd S Hosking 37, 3rd D Morressey 34

Ladies Div 2

1st M McQuay 34, 2nd H Vivian 31, 3rd W Harrop 28

Nine Hole Mens Div

1st T Cooksley, 2nd W O'Keefee, 3rd M Oien

Nine Hole Ladies Div

1st S Cawley, 2nd F Evans, 3rd E Jones

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