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Weekly Report

Saturday 24th was quarter final day in the intermediate, junior and senior club champs. Results of the intermediate division; S. Ngatai beat M. Walsh, N. Bertie beat M. Cook, B. Gibbons beat L. Eagar and W. Dymond beat J. Erwood.

Junior results; C. Merson beat P. Shearer, B. Daysh beat T. Cooksley, G. Kelly beat B. Swindlehurst and K. Johns beat B. Knowles.

Senior results; S. Campbell beat D. Shearman.

Players not involved in the match play played a bogey comp with G. Bishop scoring an impressive +7 to be the run away winner followed by B. Gibson on +2.

The top club team of P. Downs, C. Downs D. Banham and G. Kite played in the Taranaki final at Manaia on Sunday finishing a commendable forth.

Draw for the champs semi finals on Saturday 1 October;

Seniors; 11.00 G. Kite vs B. Gibson, T. Cawley vs S. Campbell

Juniors; 11.30 C. Merson vs B. Daysh, G. Kelly vs K. Johns

Intermediates; 11.45 S. Nagatai vs N. Bertie, B. Gibbons vs W. Dymond

Weekly raffle result - 53 tickets sold 1st M J Taylor and second Jono. Please see Matt for your prizes. Next weeks raffle sheet is in the clubhouse.

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