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Club Committee Notices

Hello Members

The committee have been busy in a number of areas lately. The first of those has been pushing forward to get Dot Golf and improve the office and entry area. We are happy to announce that we have partially secured the first of the applied for funding we requested. We have received $10,000 thanks to the The Trusts Community Foundation. ​

​This funding was for Dot Golf Hardware and a new Security Camera System. We are now just waiting on the second applied for funding result for the renovations of the office and foyer. Once we have that result we can then work through and plan installation.

The work on getting the watering system off dependency on town supply is continuing and we hope to have this sorted by the time irrigation season starts again.

Tournaments Review

We are still working through the process of reviewing tournaments run at the club. We are looking at all aspects of the current club run tournaments, there history (winners and who donated/started), formats, timing etc. To aid this process the Club Captain has requested that all Cups and Trophies be returned to the Club for cataloging.

Once this process is complete it will aid in the planning of next years and years to come programs. The Committee is asking for submissions regarding the competitions we run and how they are run. What you like and what you don't like. Submissions close on the 15th July and can be forwarded to the Secretary via the following methods.


Post Secretary

PO BOX 282


Or Left at Bar in a sealed envelope addressed Secretary - Tournaments Submission

Please include the subject line - Tournaments Submission in your correspondence

Course Development Plan

A 5 year course development plan is currently being drafted for review by the committee. We are also looking for submissions on the course development. These can be submitted as above with a subject line of Course Development Plan. Submissions for the course plan close on the 10th July.

As part of that course development plan Bunkers have been identified as needing improvement. We have already had the bunker on the 5th changed over to new sand. Thanks to Matthew and Co for donating the sand and Warren Cleland Concrete for the digger work. The committee has been happy with the result and had positive response. We have therefore ordered more sand to progress some of the other bunkers sooner. Some of this sand has been kindly donated towards. We are now looking for extra donations of any size to offset some of the further cost. If you can help, please give your donation to the club. Ensure that you reference Bunker Sand in your payment so an appropriate donation receipt can be sent.

Green Keepers Notice

With winter on us, frosts are now due. The course may be closed until frosts lift. If playing early please delay until frosts have lifted. This is for one Health and Safety Reasons and two the potential for damage to occur on the greens. Your patience is much appreciated.

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