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There's lots happening at the moment and lots coming up so here's the lastest update. If anyone else has news or notices send them to

First up congratulations to Greg Anderson for a hole in one on the 15th on Saturday

Tournaments - You can find these on the club website on the tournaments pages and they should also be listed on the events calendar. We do sometimes get things wrong or late changes are made that may be missed. So if you do see something that's not right please let us know.

100 club

100 club this year was changed by the match committee to 6 October and has been in the program as this all year. It has been brought to the committee's attention that this is a change from tradition of the first week on November. Although tradition is good the committee have backed the Match Committees decision for change this year and will be sticking with this date for 2018. It will be reviewed after the tournament and we can only apologise in advance if this causes some angst. The organising team will be ringing participants over the next few weeks and we look forward to your support.

Team Hope

Once again local charity organisation Team Hope will be running there golf tournament. This is set for November the 10th. Details can be found on the website.


The committee are presently planning twilight and this be commencing on Friday the 2nd November for 6 weeks and then from 18th Jan for another 6 weeks.

More details will come soon but the committee is hoping a shorter more focused approach will lead to better organised event/s for everyone.

Junior Golf

This is currently being planned. We have secured some professional coaching with Grant Moorhead. The aim is tie this in with Twilight evenings to make it a family night with something for golfers , non golfers and the kids a like.


$15000 funding has now been received from NZCT to proceed with some renovations to the office and foyer. We are thankful for there support. These renovations will be commencing the week 27th August and some demolition work has commenced in preparation for this.

These renovations include - New Foyer Door, New Starters Window with Dot Golf Hardware and Card Printing access outside clubhouse hours. Enlarging office with new storage options. Addition of a new built in large trophy cabinet on dining room wall.

All the dot golf hardware has been purchased and is partially operational. The committee are in the process of purchasing proper card for score sheets. There is some remaining funding of the original $10000 from TTCF for electronic hardware left. This is being put towards a new security camera system and will be installed as the renovations progress. We are however interested if anyone has an old unused computer sitting around they would like to get rid of. It must be running windows 10. If anyone has one please contact the Secretary.

After the renovations are complete the committee will be looking at holding a training evening for anyone interested in learning more about the dot golf system.

Course Development Plan

The course development plan for the next 3-4 years has now been approved by the committee. You would have seen some of these changes happening already. This now gives us some real focus to where we want the course to be 4 -5 years time.

The course development plan will be available in the members area of the website and a copy will be available on the notice board in the clubhouse in the weekend.

And finally a Thank You to G Radich for a donation towards the bunker sand.

Thank You


Happy Golfing


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