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Mens Pennants

This week the Stratford Men travel to Manukorihi to play Fitzroy. The Team now have three wins under there belt and are looking to cement a place in the finals.

Last weeks results at Inglewood vs Westown were

M McDonald L 4/2

V Jones W 3/2

Jones and McDonald W 3/1

S Ngatai L 4/3

J Smithson W 2/1

Smithson and Ngatai L 1 down

B Neil W 3/2

J Anderson L 3/1

Anderson and Neil W 4/2

Results form Fitzroy vs Te Ngutu

M McDonald W 1up

V Jones L 3/1

Jones and McDonald W 3/2

S Ngatai all square

J Smithson W 4/2

Smithson and Ngatai 1 up down

B Neil W 2/1

J Anderson L 2 down

Anderson and Neil L 2/1

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