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3rd Match Play Round

This week sees the 3rd round of match play where we will find all our finalists, weather is looking not to flash but we do have Queens Birthday weekend up the sleeve if needed but best to check with your opponent that he is available if this week is a wash out, rules set out for match play weather conditions will apply and can be found on website but please do your best to have the matches completed before the 12th of June.

Matches are as follows; Seniors Jordan Anderson vs Terry Johnson, Tony Cawley vs James Smithson.

Intermediates Brad Gibbons vs Kalib Kolevski, Harrison Downs vs Grant Kite. Juniors Tom Ferguson vs Graham Bishop, Jono Erwood vs Randy Aldridge. Roy Wills Cup Lloyd Bell vs Dave Banham and last but not least Kyle Bates vs Graham Kelly.

For the rest of us there will be a stableford Haggle, good luck to all the semi finalists.

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