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Blue Tee Stableford

Saturday saw a beauty day for golf and the challenge of the Blue Tees certainly tested some but all in all the scoring was actually pretty good with none better that David "Chaddy" Chadwick who ripped it up with 39 points, Terry Johnson was in hot pursuit (see what I did there) on 37 and possibly the big shock of the day was Gonzo Merson coming back into some form with 36 points.

This week is a Mass ambrose for the Dead Duck trophy with a 12pm kick off but a haggle will be there for those that want to play a round.

The HTL Open Christmas Hamper is filling up really quick and looks on target to be the biggest hamper we have had in years, prizes are going really deep with Hams, big buggers and looking to pay close to 50% of the field so you don't want to miss this comp and two man Ambrose is always good fun too play so contact me on 021936082


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