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Closed Club Hamper

Saturday, we rolled the dice as far as the weather went and just got away with it although we had a few soggy fellas at the end of it when it persisted down with rain late in the day, 70 players fronted up though which is by far our best number in recent years

The Course was in outstanding order and the chat about the greens after was good to hear as they rolled very well, was also great to see the ladies getting amongst it as well and featuring at the prize table.

Thanks to all that were there as we handed out this year's men's trophies before doing the days prize giving.

This Saturday is "The Last Chance Hamper", this is a Stableford Comp and entry is only $15, this comp is open to both ladies and men, there won't be a draw this week but Brad and I will be there to assist if you cannot find a 4, this will be the clubs last official comp of 2022 and be fair to say a few weeks off after a near month of big tournaments sounds good to me.

The following is a list of the results with prize winners down to 13th in the two divisions.

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