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On the weekend we had our first round of Matchplay in near perfect conditions, below you will see who are all the winners and grinners so well done to those guys, this weekend is the 2nd round of Matchplay so we need the Intermediates, Juniors and Roy Wills matches played, for the Seniors if the weather looks good maybe you may want to get the match played this week but up to you.

Brad and I would like to thank you all for making it run smoothly by liaising with your opponent and sorting out suitable tee times.

Attached you will also see the flyer for the mid Winter Open, over $2000 in prizes up for grabs so make sure you book your favorite tee time before it fills up, also I need and idea for catering so if you want to miss out on a meal enter the day before, Ladies I'm still waiting for your participation and it would be appreciated, remember last year I paid out well so hope to do the same but I need entries.

That's about it for now, if you need contact numbers for your next match txt me and for those not in a match there is a haggle this week so while all the guns are still playing their matches get amongst the haggle.


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