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FedEx Cup

It has become apparent not everyone is aware how the FedEx Cup is working this year.

Since the FedEx's inception it has lacked a fair amount of interest so this year we have done it a lot different but I must apologize for not communicating it better to you the members.

Basically this is how it has been running, through out the year in the program you will see certain rounds identified as FedEx Cup rounds totaling 5 rounds in all, at each round there are 20 points up for grabs for the winner then counting backwards where 20th place will get 1 point from the days competition, so the goal is to score as many points that you can by the last round which is July 24th, from there the top 8 qualifiers are invited to the FedEx Cup final in October which is a stableford format, top qualifier will have a head start of 8 points in the final then scaling back to 8th qualifier having 1 point, all is not lost for the bottom qualifier though as stableford points in the final are doubled then add on what your qualifying points were, so potentially if 8th place scored 40 points that becomes 80 plus 1 qualifying point so 81 points versus say 1st qualifier 36 points that becomes 72 plus 8 qualifying points so 80 points.

This year we will be awarding the top 3 with cash prizes and of course the winner the FedEx Cup.

Entry fee this year has been free and everyone who has played in the first 3 rounds will see the points they have accumulated on the board in the club rooms, point to remember as well is there will be 8 in the final and if someone above you cannot make the final everyone moves up a slot so keep pushing in the last two rounds.

For any clarity on the FedEx Cup please contact Brad or myself

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