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Final Round Of Strokeplay

This weekend is our final round of Strokeplay and also doubles up as qualifying for the Matchplay champs which begin the weekend after on the 8th of May.

Weather looks good so I don't expect any interruptions to getting the Strokeplay completed but in case there is a weather issue to keep it simple same weather rules will apply that we had for first two rounds so at worst it will be decided on 18 or 27 holes if the 36 holes cannot be completed.

Don't forget to also enter the haggle when getting a scorecard Saturday as that is tracking your two round nett score.

To qualifying for the matchplay your best chance is to turn up and play Saturday and be in the top 16, if you happen to be in the top 16 though and cannot make the first round please let Brad or myself know ASAP as we want as fuller fields as we can.

For those of you who cannot make this weekend and would like to qualify let me know by txt (021936082) and we will draw from a hat who will make the field, preference will be given to those playing within there handicap section. Seniors 0-10.3 Blue tees, Intermediates 10.4-17.0 Blue tees, Juniors 17.1-24 & Roy Wills 24.1- 100 both white tees

This year to avoid walkovers we will be doing things differently for matchplay so there is always a match on and takes the heat off the player that cant make it the following week.

So if you win your match but are unable to compete the following week your losing opponent will go through unless the following week is rained out then you will maintain your position in the draw.

If anyone needs any clarity on either comp don't hesitate to contact Brad or myself.

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