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HTL Open Christmas Hamper

Results from the HTL Open Hamper are in, so for those that couldn’t make it or those that don’t care to remember because it was a tough day have a gaze through as we paid out the top 24 pairings and the difference from the winners group to the non winners is not much.

104 braved what ended up a relatively dry day and Brad and I appreciate all the positive feedback, this Saturday is our closed mens hamper, this will be a Nett comp, there won’t be an offical draw just turn up, if the numbers are over 30 we will run two division, we have some big hams left and entry fee is only $20 so turn up from 10am till 12pm and we will help organise a 4 if you don’t have one.

The following Saturday will be the “Last Chance Ham” comp which will be stableford and if the ladies would like to enter as well then more the merrier, this will be only a $10 entry.

See you all Saturday


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