Irish Stableford

Opening Day for the 2021 golf season was held on Saturday in superb conditions, the course looked absolutely stunning bathed in sunshine.

Stand out performances in the 2 person Ambrose comp were J Smithson and O Campbell followed by J Erwood and Julie Erwood with 3rd place going to T Cawley and B Gibbons.

Other winners in order were G Christie /M Coe, H Downs/Pauline Downs, M Walsh/A Rancho, M Taylor/G Kelly and S Ngatai/B Daysh.

This Saturday the comp is Irish Stableford which is a unique format, this differs from the advertised 2 man comp advertised, In the 18 hole version of the competition the normal Stableford score counts for holes 1 to 6. The Stableford score for holes 7 to 12 are multiplied by 2, and the Stableford scores for holes 13 to 18 are multiplied by 3.

Don't stress to much about how to score it, as Dot comp will work it out. So just play the best you can and enjoy it but you will have to own every shot this week, entry will again be $10 per player kicking off at 10am.

If you wish to pre-enter let me know

Happy Golfing


Club Captain

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