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Kelly Cup/ Fedex Cup

Saturday we played Kelly Cup which was a stableford off the red tee comp.

Weather was great and still proved a massive challenge even though the course is much shorter.

Terry Cooksley showed what a bit of experience can do and I'm picking the shorter distances played right into his hands, winning with 39 points on countback from Randy Aldridge and Roger Kilpatrick also on 39, Brad Gibbons and Michael Walsh were next on 38 points, special mention to Michael who shot better than his age, in fact if he was younger and did that he would have won.

Kelly Cup was also the last round of collecting FedEx Cup points which the trophy will be played for on the 15th October, the following in order of merit are the 16 who will contest the final which will be a stableford round where you double your points score and take in the points earned from qualifying.

Murray Cook 98, Brad Gibbons 86, Tony Cawley 81, Choppy Drummond 75, Olly Campbell 61, Warren Dymond 60, Vaughan Jones 60, Leon Eagar 59, Nick Callingham 59, Terry Cooksley 57, Chris Merson 55, Duncan MacDonald 50, James Smithson 39, Mike Willis 39, S Ngataierua-Tekiri 38, Terrance Sayers 37, thats is your top 16 now if someone cannot make it that day next cabs of the rank Terry Johnson 36, Blair Dudley 35, Mike Brown 34. Roger Kilpatrick 34, Mike walsh 32, Kalib Kolevski 31, Carl Christie 30 and Lloyd Bell 30.

Top 8 of the field will be paid out in prize money and a spread of fish chips to all 16 on the day.

Lastly this Saturday is Egmont champs, I appreciate the weather doesn't look fantastic but looks good enough that it will happen so please get me in your entry before the end of the week so I can sort catering and prize pool please.


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