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Match Play Finalists

The finalists have been found to contest the Match Play finals on June the 11th, James Smithson the 2021 defending champ won in a close fought battle with Tony Cawley and will play Jordan Anderson who beat up and comer Kalib Kolevski in another well contested match for the Senior Match play title.

In the Intermediates Terry Johnson had to battle hard to defeat Aaron Moore on the 22nd hole and he will play Grant Kite who knocked out Brad Gibbons with a very solid back nine to get the job done.

Juniors will see Nigel Jeffrey whose opposition Chris Drummond sadly caught the dreaded covid go through and will play Matt McDonald who tore up the back 9 with a blistering 39 to defeat Kerry Kretshmar, in the Roy Wills comp we have the evergreen Roger Kilpatrick who defeated Simon Butters so will take on the young pup Simon May who was just to steady for Clay Millar in the other semi.

Feel free to wander down and check out those matches which promise to be evenly contested.

This Saturday being Queens Birthday weekend we have decided to run something a little different and will be running a Mulligans Nett comp which is a $10 entry, now I think we have all had that round where we all go "if only i could have those 4 shots again" well this weekend you can but each mulligan you want will cost you $1 on top of the entry fee to a maximum of 10 mulligans being $10 on top of entry fee if you feel you need that many..

All Mulligan purchases will go into the prize pool, Mulligan vouchers will be available for purchase at the starters office so hopefully we get your support for what should be a fun day.

Couple of house keeping matters, for those that use carts and especially now its been so wet keep of the tees and mown greens surrounds plus be mindful where you travel at the bottom of the gully's as they can hold a lot of water so stick to left/right hand sides rather than rip through the middle.

Also if anyone knows the whereabouts of the key for the rubbish bin paddock please let a committee member know.


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