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Matchplay Champs

Weather held of long enough to get all the Men's 1st round matchplay games completed, this coming Saturday is the 2nd round of matchplay and for those of you who are out there will be a haggle this week.

There is one match in the seniors that would be good to get played this week so if Terry Johnson and Jamie Anderson can get that organised please.

Remember the following week on the 22nd is the Winter Open, there is a starters sheet up in the club rooms by the bar and we have some visitors looking to fill there 4 if you are a lone entry, happy for you to txt or call me on 021936082 to secure a spot.

The following are the winners and grinners from the 1st round of matchplay;

Intermediates- Michael Death def Vaughan Jones, Kalib Kolevski def Murray Cook, Shane Ngatai def Warren Dymond, Brad Gibbons def Aaron Moore, Leon Egar def Greg Anderson, Harrison Downs def Geoff Otterson, Grant Kite def Marty Petford and Nigel Jeffrey def Michael Walsh.

Juniors- Tom Feguson def Michael Taylor, Adonis Rancho def Chris Merson, Terrance Sayers def Warren Cleland, Graham Bishop def Henry Morton, Neil Aldridge def Lourens Duvenhage, Jono Erwood def Ryan Merson and Chris Drummond def Matt McDonald.

Roy Wills - Lloyd Bell bye, Roger Kilpatrick def Michael Coe, Olly Campbell def Clay Millar, David Banham bye, Simon Butters bye, Kyle Bates def Dion Howells, Graham Kelly bye, Derek Trigg def Barry Knowles

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