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MatchPlay Conditions


In the event of rain during matchplay if the match has not past 9 completed holes the match will be deemed to be void and replayed, if 9 holes have been completed the game is live and play will restart from the tee of the uncompleted hole the following week or when players dictate is suitable to each other to finalize the result during the week before the following Saturday, on completion of that match if draw dictates the next match will begin in 30 mins assuming tee off is before 1.00pm that saturday


Players will be expected to make contact with the person they are playing against as set out in the draw which is on the website and in the clubrooms, as a match committee we ask that the people participating against each other be prepared to be aware of some players needs through work or special circumstances and be malleable to amend from there usual tee time but if needed we will select a time of 11am if no decision can be reached.

We will allow matches to be completed after the Saturday but by no later than the Wednesday prior to the next Saturday and if there is still no result the winner will be declared by way of a coin toss.


If there are any issues that arise on course just complete the hole and bring those issues to the match committee after your round as it is wise to check (do not concede the match as the match will be deemed lost if done), we will make a final ruling as quickly as we can but on some matters may require a 2nd opinion as we wish to make the right decision which may result in a 48 hour delay.


This year if you cannot play the following week if you win your match please inform the match committee, if through weather the following week and it is rained out completely you will hold your spot in the field but if it is fine we will be inviting the loser from your match through in an effort to maintain a full field through the competition and avoid defaults


Players we appreciate this is a great competition to win but please not at the expense of not doing or saying the right thing so if someone asks you your score be honest, if you ask your opponent to move and remark his ball on the green do him the courtesy of reminding him to put it back and if a ball looks like its in a machinery mark do the right thing as karma is very good at catching up when you need a drop a later.

That’s it from us, great fields this year so go rip it up but have some fun.

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