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Matchplay Results

Nearly all the divisions are down to the semi finals with only the Dinky versus Macca result to be decided which needs to be completed before the 28th of May, there were some cracking matches on over the weekend with many going to extra holes so congratulations to the winners.

This weekend we have our Mid Winter Open and we have had great support from outside the club but as per normal our club members can be last minute charlies so if you haven't entered yet txt me ASAP as it really helps with catering.

Ladies I have received 8 entries and only 5 are from Stratford which in effect means I have to run your division at a loss if I do prize parity so hopefully crack the whip on Tuesday and bring me some more entries or moving forward there just wont be a ladies division.

That's enough moaning for now, i want to give a big shout out to Mike Willis, Macca and Jonesy along with the other volunteers for their tireless efforts on the course as it just looks fantastic so if you get a chance tell them thankyou I'm sure it would mean a lot.

See you all Saturday and hope the weather gods are with us.


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