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Updated: May 29, 2023

Intermediate and Junior finalists were found on the weekend and we are now only waiting on the senior semi's which will be played this weekend to complete the field.

Winners on the weekend were Brad Gibbons over Olly Campbell and Mark Burling over Aaron Moore in the Intermediates, Gonzo Merson over Mike Willis and Brian Daysh over Matt McDonald in the Juniors so the winners will be joining Derek Trigg and Brendon Gernhoefer who are battling for the Roy Wills trophy on the 10th of June so if anyone is keen to referee any of those matches please let me know.

This Saturday for something a little different we are running a Mulligans Nett comp, when you enter you are able to buy up to 10 mulligans at $2 per mulligan and use them throughout the round where needed.

Cards will be non-counters for dot golf unless you decide not to buy any mulligans, there will be no draw so just turn up and play, this week the lucky draw will take place and will be drawn at prize giving which is approximately around 4.30pm and with $120 going to the card drawn from the haggle so it's well worth being there or it jackpots again.


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