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Spedding & Ennis Cup

After the wash out last week these competitions will be reduced to winner takes all this Saturday.

Spedding will be for the best Nett total and the Ennis the best Stableford so if you are having a dog of a hole and pick up you are still in with a chance, for this reason the haggle will be done on stableford.

Big thing to remember is Fedex points are up for grabs as well so a good performance in the stableford could see you in the top 8.

In the event of another rain out we will move the comp to the spare day on the 17th of July if it hasn't been used for the Graham Cup, while on that subject the Graham Cup is a two man Ambrose Nett comp over 2 rounds so start sorting a partner for the 3rd and 10th of July

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