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Stroke Play Champs Rd 2

2nd round of Stroke play champs were held Saturday in near perfect condition, attached you will see overall standings and the winners for the haggle on the day.

All the divisions look to be exciting finishes so plan is to get the leading 4 in the divisions playing in the same group so I will be relying on some flexibility to accommodate both early and late starters .

The next two weekends are long weekends being Easter and Anzac, there are no official club comps on but there will be haggles, there will be no draws out for the next two weeks just enter your name on the starters sheet and like the good old days make your own 4's while Brad and I take a break from herding you round like cats as we have a pretty full calendar over the next month or two so looking forward to just playing golf.

Attached you will also see a flyer for our up an coming Mid Winter Open so make sure you secure your 4's and your tee times.

Lastly the 30th of April is the last round of Stroke Play and this round will see if and where you qualify in your division for Match play, so if you don't play the only way in is if the field does not have the full compliment of 16 players so if you play avoid any pick up's as a DNF wont end well trying to qualify.

Happy Easter all


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