Stroke Play Champs Results

Congratulations to the Club's "Stroke Play" champions of 2019. Brilliant to see that the young ones are coming to the fore.

Seniors: Jordan Anderson; total score 222

Intermediates: James Smithson; total score 261

Juniors: Greg Anderson; total score 253

Congratulations also to Jordan for winning the Armstrong Cup for best gross in Round 1 - 72.

The weekly haggle was divided into two divisions, so as the two tee systems was fair to all (see we do hear the complaining).

Division 1 - (Blue Tees) - Jordan Anderson - 42 points and Grant Kite -36 points

(White Tees) - Greg Anderson - 39 points and Jaden Rinaldi - 37 points

Two's - Tony Cawley, Shane Ngatai, Jaden Rinaldi, Brad Gibbons.

Fedex Cup round 5 has been completed half way and all to play for. Results to date on noticeboard.

Match play champs start next week with Juniors only because of field size. Others start in 2 weeks.

A haggle will be run for those not playing in match play. Two's will be available for all to enter.

Please respect our course. We work hard to make it as best we can. Take care with carts around greens and tees and also repair any pitch marks you find, yours or those of others - thank you.

One last thing on the kitchen front, if you remove items of crockery, cups, knives and forks from the kitchen for eating food or drinking, please clean, wash and return to where you found them. This would be much appreciated.


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