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Subs and Bag Tags

Reminder Subs are due by the 31 Jan. If you have not received your account please check your spam folders of your email. If you still can't locate your 2021 subs invoice please contact the

Bag tags have now arrived and for those that have paid there subs or made payment arrangements, can collect these from the Bar from Saturday 30th Jan or contact the treasurer for an alternative arrangement. Please remember to have your bag tags displayed in an easily visible location for your green fee checkers to see.

Please remember to ensure guest and visitors you bring to the club pay their green fees and filling in the correct information on the green fees envelopes. This helps Green Fee checkers reconcile payments and boosts the income of the club. You may feel its no harm in allowing the odd friend or guest to not pay green fees. But remember for every green fee not collected then the costs of running the club are not spread amoungst these

users but you as the members in the form of higher subs

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