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T Dog Finalists

Well not a sausage to report from the golf on Saturday as we lost another one to weather, thankfully was just a spare day so no harm done, for those of you that don't know we have a duo of duo's that made the Top Dog final that quite possibly would have gone super cheap in a Calcutta unless their mums were there bidding .... yes it's the Gonzo Merson/ Pete Shearer taking on everybody's new Favorite duo of Graham Christie/Matthew Balks, should be a doozy with shots given all over the place.

In the Under Dog Final we have the Lachlan Drummond/Cullen May combo taking on the giant killing team of Nick Callingham and Duncan MacDonald, finals are technically to be played this week, but compensation has been given in the Top Dog final as one member is away.

For the rest of us mere mortals there will be an Irish Stableford haggle, now don't forget twilight has started on Wednesday nights and our first week went exceptionally well and having the Smokey Joe food Trailer there to serve quality meals, means you can make a good night of it and even get the family down after for some dinner.

The following weekend we have the FedEx Cup final which is the top 16 qualifiers so to refresh your memory here they are M Cook 98, B Gibbons 86, T Cawley 81, C Drummond 75, O Campbell 61, W Dymond 60, V Jones 60, L Eagar 69, N Callingham 59, T Cooksley 57, C Merson 55, D MacDonald 50,

J Smithson 39, M Willis 39, S Ngataierua 38, T Sayers 37.

If you cannot play, please let me know ASAP so next qualifier can come in and they are in order, T Johnson 36, B Dudley 35, M Brown 34, R Kilpatrick 34, M Walsh 32, K Kolawski


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