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Taranaki Masters Games

March the 13th we are holding the Taranaki Masters in conjunction with the first round of the Rutherford Memorial for the men as both are a stableford format.

It is important as a club we get in and support the Masters event as TET are a major driver behind it and as most of you are aware TET supply us a whole lot of funding which allow us to keep our subs at some of the cheapest in Taranaki of the major courses.

Entry for this event can be found and completed online at or there are entry forms at the bar in the clubrooms, if you enter before the 4th of March entry is only $21 and you can choose between a Hoodie , sports bag or towel to be added to your event bag, if you enter after the 4th March entry is $31, those that enter Masters will gain free entry to the Rutherford so don't procrastinate and please support this event and have a crack at winning yourself a masters medal, there will be at least two divisions possibly 3 in the mens, manual entries can be dropped off to Donna at Central Tyres

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