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Top Dog/Under Dog

The Top 8 pairs of both Top and Under Dog have now been found and will do battle this Saturday to see who will be our semi finalists, there was certainly plenty of banter and a couple of surprise results.

This weekend for those now no longer in the comp we will run a Stableford haggle, there will be no draw so if you need help getting in a group see Brad or myself, for those still in the comp make contact with your opponents and organise a time that works for both.

Just a reminder we will be running a two day Ambrose event over Labour weekend so anyone saying we are not is wrong so get a partner for this as it’s going to go off, we have got the price down to 30 dollars for two rounds of golf with a great prize pool.

Weather looks good for Saturday so good luck to those still in the comp and Henry guess we will see you at your normal time.


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