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Weekend Update 14th March

  • Busy weekend for the club last week

  • Successful 2 days of the Masters Games. Good to see a number of visitors challenging themselves on our course.

  • Saturday was the first round of the Rutherford Memorial. Stand out performances from Jamie Anderson, 51 points and Nick Schumacher, 48 points.

  • Round 2 of Fedex Cup also next week.

  • Good field of Taranaki Men's Pennants players were playing on Sunday. The Stratford team was victorious with a 9 nil thumping to put themselves into the finals. Well done boys and good luck.

  • SCORECARDS!!!!! Please remember all players are responsible for completion of cards. Signed by player and marker and all results entered in correct boxes. DON'T!! reply on the computer system to do your job for you. DQ's will be undertaken from this week on, for all incorrect cards.

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