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Weekend Update 20th June

A good field played this week in bleak conditions. The course is now wet and soft and members need to take good care. Replace divots and repair pitch marks please. Verdi draining will be done this week and rolling greens. Please be mindful of volunteers working around the course. We are making some adjustments on course which will be better for all in time.

Congratulations to the weeks winners and with another round to Spedding & Ennis Cups to go, the trophies are up for grabs.

This week is 3rd round and also SEEDING for match play champs. If you don't play you are likely to be unseeded in a higher grade than your index handicap suggests. YOUR CHOICE!!

Match play handicaps are based on index.

Senior -+ -10.6

Intermediate -10.7 -17.1

Junior -17.2 -24.4

Roy Wills -24.5 -42.2

Bad luck for the Men's Pennant team being beaten on Sunday by Inglewood. A very tight race but the breaks didn't go our way. Great effort once again by the team.

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